Climbing at Funtopia

Funtopia is a colourful climbing centre located in a neighbourhood mall in Subang Jaya.

The space is bright and airy but not very big – but then, you are climbing upwards! The climbing walls all have a theme, and some have and added trick: you need to push a button for lights to turn on or you can race against someone on a timer (watch out for your fingers when you press the button – the handles go up against the wall). All the walls have automatic relay systems so the kids can climb up without much assistance.

The kids start off by getting kitted out with harnesses and helmet and watching a short video explaining safety rules and the system: once ready you raise your hand and the members of staff on the floor will buckle and unbuckle kids to the relays.

Climbing at Funtopia

Despite being quite small, there is enough to do in Funtopia to tire them out. “We loved climbing up the building blocks without worrying about falling down”, they said when I asked what was the best part. They also enjoyed the automatic relay maybe more than the climbing itself!

“Slide was scary”, said the young crash test dummy. We had already experienced a giant slide like this in Singapore, but to our knowledge this is the first one in KL. I didn’t do it this time around but it is much scarier than what it looks like! The staff doesn’t always realise how scary it can be for kids so make sure they know what they are getting into before doing the slide to avoid tears. There is an extra fee for the slide.

The jungle ropes up above gave me a little bit of vertigo with all the action going on below and lots of kids on the ropes but the kids didn’t mind one bit. There was a staff member up there as well, in case someone got stuck or got cold feet.


There is also a mid-sized maze suitable for younger kids, good for siblings waiting out while the olders ones climb.


Funtopia is great for little monkeys with lot of energy and not enough patience for “real” climbing.  It is quite different to say Camp 5, which is more serious about climbing and where you can get more comprehensive introduction to climbing as well as get on more challenging climbs. Camp 5’s instructors are also all climbers themselves. Younger kids may get a better workout here, where they are not intimidated by the huge walls and boulders.

Tips for visiting Funtopia:

  • The climbers need to weigh minimum 20kgs and the recommended minimum age is 5.
  • Accessible by public transport with a new SS15 LRT station next door.
  • You must wear proper sports footwear.
  • Current prices can be found here – we found that one hour of climbing was enough, with a quick run in the maze afterwords.
  • There are a few nice food options downstairs of the mall, if you don’t fancy hitting the congested streets of Subang Jaya.
  • On site parking and easy to navigate there with the help of Waze.

*Thank you to Funtopia Courtyard for inviting us! Opinions are our own, as always!

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