Fishing with kids & The Milkfish Lady

If you’re looking for a family day out, away from the city, have a look at this place. Shamin, The Milkfish Lady, came up with social distancing measures, temperature checks and created a new normal in their fishing sessions.

The kids and I had a chance to join The Milkfish Lady for a very informative and fun sport fishing training recently. We had been fishing with the kids a few times already. My dad however, always tagged along, as he would prepare the bait, tie the knot and hook the bait for us. It’s now time to learn how to do it ourselves.

We were going to meet Shamin, aka The Milkfish Lady, at Kolam CnR Jugra in Banting, Selangor at 9am on a Saturday. CnR stands for ‘Catch and Release’. From Kuala Lumpur, it takes about an hour to get there. We were 10 minutes late, as we were unsure about the location and we took a couple of wrong turns. 

All about knots, hooks and bait

Shamin and her husband Naweshad greeted us at the site. The Milkfish Lady started the session by telling the kids which size fish they can keep, which to release and the correct way to handle the fish. They also taught us how to tie a knot on the fishing hooks. 

Milkfish lady 5 - Happy Go KL

Now the kids had basic knowledge, Shamin taught the kids how to handle the fishing rod, how to cast the line and wait for the fish to bite. This is the trickiest part – to have patience! 

I was very impressed how patient Shamin and Naweshad were with the kids. They also showed them the correct way to cast the line and wait. With their expert guidance my youngest one caught a fish within 15 minutes! 

As soon as the fish was above water, we were taught how to handle the fish, so we would not hurt them. We released the fish safely back to the pond after taking a photo. Soon I noticed that my kids were catching more fish than I did!

Milkfish lady 2 - Happy Go KL

After the training session, the kids got the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) certificate. They went home with a big grin on their face and couldn’t wait to share their experience with their dad.

Why we liked it

I was very happy the kids had the opportunity to join this training session. It wasn’t just fishing skills that they learnt. they also learnt about different water bodies, different species of fish and how to lure them. The most important is to fish responsibly!

The kids were very happy with the two hour session. They thought they learned so much from The Milkfish Lady. They are already talking about going back for more sessions, since they’re making plans now for deep sea fishing! Now that they had basic knowledge, they could opt next time for a session of fishing on their own (with an accompanying adult of course).

Milkfish lady 4 - Happy Go KL

More information about fishing with your kids

If you or your kids would like to take up fishing as a hobby, I highly recommend The Milkfish Lady. They run the CnR training every Saturday. Get in touch with them or book a session here.

I would suggest for parents to join together with the kids, as I truly think that adults will enjoy the fishing as much as the children. I bet fishing will get you hooked too!

For more places to take your kids fishing near KL read here.

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