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When most normal families were tip-toeing around mothers having sleep-ins or having a lazy Mothers day brunch, I was at EnerZ in Subang Jaya, a newly opened indoor extreme park, wearing a helmet and balancing on wobbly ropes and doing a good old trampoline workout. If you love Jump Street, you should definitely check this place out.

EnerZ guit buiders stairs

For us the main attraction was the aptly named Gut Builder, an obstacle course meant for kids – and adults – below 170 cm and 70 kgs. Out of our group of two families only one adult fit the specs – lucky me. The six-year-olds zoomed ahead, one like a spider and the other clenching his teeth. The four-year-olds had a bit of difficulty and although I helped one and a friendly staff-member the other one, they were a bit too short and not quite ready for their gut to be built. They finished one round and happily moved on to other things. Even the older ones needed a little help, but managed fine, one fairly easily and the other with sweat but no tears. I’d say the gut builder is perfect for ages 6+, although accomplished climbers obviously will enjoy it earlier.

EnerZ gut builder EnerZ gut builder tube  EnerZ helmets

The climbing wall has the same weight/height limits as the Gut Builder and was quite challenging for the non-spidery type. It has auto belay and the kids noted that the fact you wear socks for this one rather than climbing shoes makes it a bit difficult compared to many other climbing walls.

enerz subang jaya climbing wall

The kids had a ball climbing up and down the nets inside the Gut Builder frame – no harness and helmet needed for this. Although it is very high, it feels safe since there are levels to stop you from falling all the way down. One section of the structure allows kids to go through the ropes – ours thought it hilarious but it may get dangerous if there are many kids on it – parental supervision is recommended!

EnerZ climbing wall

EnerZ claims to be the biggest trampoline park in Asia. It definitely has lots of jumping space with very similar options to rival Jump Street. They also offer the ever-efficient trampoline aerobics – one of my favourite non-boring exercise methods.

EnerZ trampolines

After testing all those trampolines none of the adults had strength for the Sky Ropes (that includes a flying fox across the area).

Enerz rope Enerz view

The tiny teenies can play safely in the play area while their bigger siblings do the monkeying around.

EnerZ play area

EnerZ in Subang Jaya, what do we think?

We say:
The place is bright and large fans provide some relief from the heat but dress for a workout. We took advantage of the family package: a family of four can spend two hours in the trampolines and the Gut Builder for RM99. Various combinations of tickets are available and you can pay separately for different activities. Promotional fares apply during this opening stage.

You need to either purchase grip socks or bring your own. The upstairs café offers basic drinks – hoping to see a greater selection later!

We definitely recommend EnerZ as a family outing cum workout. After two hours both adults and kids were wiped out, but one hour is not really enough if you want to do both the Gut Builder and trampolines. When we visited it was very empty (I wonder if all those sleeping and brunching mothers have something to do with it?) and hence we didn’t have to wait around for anything – which was great!

Check the operating hours and latest news on the EnerZ Facebook page.

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