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I love climbing outdoors, in the open air, with the great big rocks and a good friend. Not much else compares. But I can’t deny the benefits of indoors climbing too and my two favourite places are the Camp5 climbing gyms in Klang Valley.

I am a fairly new climber and started again recently since two years, after just a year of practising before having kids. Indoor climbing venues are great for rainy days, to practice moves in an air-conditioned space and for bouldering. Let’s hope for better times to come soon, so you can also try these places yourself with the family. For now, have a look at this article first!

What to expect at Camp5 gyms

When you enter the gym, it’s a big wow for the layout, the different walls, the constant upgrade, the small café with fresh coffee, the kids area, the boulders, the workout gym space and even the groovy toilets. Suffice to say, you are not slumming.

Camp5 is not cheap though. A day out there (they limit visits to maximum three hours per slot during Covid times) for myself and my two girls, can easily cost RM100+. There is a flat rate plus a small rental fee for the equipment. Let me share my two favourite gyms with you:

Camp5 at Ecocity, Bangsar

This venue is undoubtedly the first go-to I would recommend. Camp5 has got five outlets nationwide and counting and are very professional. Some say too professional, as they are quite strict, but safety over convenience I’d say. Ecocity is situated right opposite Megamall and parking is pretty straight forward. After you’ve parked your car, just head for the JUSCO lifts. More info here.

Camp5 at 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

This gym is my second go-to climbing gym. The original climbing gym and first one in Klang Valley, the height of the walls are without parallel, with the tallest wall reaching 20.3 meters. Perfect for those long climbs, and housed in a 20 meter tall glass tower with great views. Parking can a bit confusing at 1 Utama, but the best spot for me would be at New Wing at level 4. Best to avoid weekends and public holidays, as parking can be gruesome. More info about this gym here.


How to register and book?

Fees for both gyms are the same price at RM36/adult, add some extra costs when you rent gear. The fees are for members only. Click here to register. The membership is free, but they need to know your skill level. Below is a simple chart to know if you need to join a basic wall course first. Make sure you book using the reservation link

climbing - Happy Go KL

Overall for both gyms if you are planning to go a lot, I would recommend the 10-visits pass, as the fees are slightly cheaper at RM320 for 10 visits. The 10 visits pass is also shareable with two other climbers per visit. Kids under 8 years of age can climb for free. There are many other membership options available.

For those in other parts of Malaysia, check out this recent article detailing 17 Rock Gyms in Malaysia. Enjoy your day out as soon as we are allowed again after the MCO and remember, safety first!!

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