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I love to involve my kids with the baking and cooking at home, but I am often pressed for time. I don’t have 30 minutes to stand there and watch them slowly chop the garlic or crack the eggs or wash the vegetables – and let’s not get started about the cleaning up after.

That’s when places like Bake a smile – Baking Studio are a godsent for mothers like me!

The studio


Located in Plaza Arkadia in Desa ParkCity, the Bake a smile – Baking Studio is a nice, clean and cosy space. There’s a waiting area at the front for parents who want to hang around during the class, while the cooking and baking area with little tables and chairs are set up at the back.


I signed the girls up for a chicken rice ball bento class and they happily said bye to me as soon as the teachers got them settled into their little aprons and chef hats. Before I left, I saw all the ingredients laid out nicely on the table with a set of recipe and instructions. The duration of the class is 1.5 hours, which meant that I had time to relax and grab a drink at a café downstairs (yay, what a win-win situation!).

When I went back to get them, I was greeted by super excited faces, as they were putting on the finishing touches to the bento box they made. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what they were doing, because right in front of me were the cutest bento boxes I had ever seen. Rice balls and egg were made to resemble mini chicks, while the vegetables and salad resembled a garden.

I was told by the teachers that everything was done by them, with just a little bit of guidance and help from the teachers. I even got sent pictures after the class as proof that the kids actually did everything themselves. From washing the broccoli to cooking it, frying the eggs and sausages, making the pumpkin rice and finally decorating their bento. I was so amazed and the girls were so happy with their creation, they couldn’t wait to dig in either!

Useful info

Every month there is a different theme and you can choose the class depending on the food you want to make. There is always a good selection – either cakes, cookies or buns if you want to bake or bentos, sushi makis etc, if you prefer to cook. Classes are kept small so every child will get the attention and help they need from the teachers.

The class fee depends on the age group. The ‘petite classes’ are for 4-7 year olds (RM150 per class) while the ‘junior classes’ are for 8-12 year olds (RM180 per class). They offer 20% off the first trial class, so it’s a great opportunity to let your kids try it out. If they are interested, you can sign up for their packages so it will work out to be cheaper for each class. My girls had such a fabulous time, that we are now constantly checking out the timetable to see which classes they want to join next.

They also have parent-kid classes, a perfect way to bond and spend quality time with your child. Birthday parties can also be organised, so I’m definitely keeping this place in mind for next time! To find out more about the studio, click here.

Looking for more baking fun for kids? Have a look here at our review for Bakebe in Publika.

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