An ‘Other World’ art expo at REXKL

‘Other World’ from REXPERIENCE is an immersive, digital art experience where you can venture into stunningly crafted alternate realities. Wander through a world of cosmic vistas, meet underwater creatures, or plough through snowy landscapes.

A bit earlier than planned, we walk up to the first floor of REXKL, where we receive a wristband from REXKL’s security staff. We are asked to leave any liquids behind on a table just before the entrance.

Inside is REXKL’s massive former cinema. It’s not difficult to imagine the old times here, when movies were shown, and the audience munched on popcorn. How times have changed. The massive space is impressive and a light show on the walls and all over the floor sets the mood for more to come.

It is still early, and the big crowds haven’t arrived yet, so we can take a seat on one of the benches which are spread out all over the hall. Let the show begin!

Fascinating and fabulous

Other World

First up, ‘Foreign Nature’ by artist Julius Horsthuis. An incredible display of moving DNA-like strings mixed with an outer space illusion makes for a jaw-dropping show. We’re then taken on a tour through a colourful maze that doesn’t seem to end.

Are there any enough adjectives to describe what we’re experiencing here? I don’t think so! If psychonautic would be a real word, it would describe best what the art is about.

Soothing and powerful

REXKL art 5 - Happy Go KL
REXKL art 6 - Happy Go KL

After 20 minutes, the scene changes into an art display called ‘Yume’ by artist Fahmi Hosnan. A Japanese snowy landscape in winter slowly evolves into tea drinking geishas and fighting samurais. We’re diving into ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ and watch the ‘Snow at Zojoji Temple’. I loved the music that accompanies this part of the show. Simply amazing.

Captivating and dazzling

REXKL art 12 - Happy Go KL

The last part of the show completes the one-hour art display and is called ‘Annihilation’ by Colas Fiszman. Video, lasers, and music come together in a dance. You can catch ‘Annihilation’ on its own or with live performances with dancers.

Other World: useful info

The art display runs till 20 January 2024, daily from 10am till 10pm, at the first floor of REXKL, 80 Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur. More info about the show here.

REXKL art 11 - Happy Go KL
REXKL art 10 - Happy Go KL

Children aged six and below can enjoy complimentary entry, but have to be with their parents. Children younger than two are not allowed inside. I’d say that the first part of the show could be a bit scary for some 6-year-olds, but the rest of the show is definitely suitable for kids.

Best time to go would be 10am on weekdays as soon as the venue opens, as the place will be less crowded. We went on a Friday and when the hall gets more crowded, it is harder to view the images on the walls, especially for kids.

Regular tickets cost RM60 and if you’d like to enjoy the life dance performance at the 9pm show, the tickets are RM80. You can buy the tickets here.

If you’re at the digital art gallery for a date night, how about exploring the many speakeasies in the area after the show?

We were invited by REXKL. As always, our opinions are honest and our own.

REXKL art 8 - Happy Go KL

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