An encounter with Dinosaurs in Seremban

This time in our sweet and short Snapshot series: Dinosaur Park in Seremban. Being very much exposed to ‘The Good Dinosaur’ and ‘Gigantosaurus’ TV shows, my 5 year-old twins seem to be going through a dinosaur phase these days. So, we decided it was time we took them to visit some dinosaurs… Off we went packing to Hill Park Seremban 2!

Also known as Dinosaur Park, Hill Park Seremban 2 is a 30-acre stimulating hang-out space for families. It is situated 400 feet above sea level, offering panoramic views of the entire Seremban 2 township.

Hiking up to the entrance

Cars are not allowed up to the Hill park entrance and it was quite a hike up from our car park. A slow walk with our 5-year-old twins took us about 20 minutes, to finally arrive at the Hill Park entrance gate.

Dinosaurs and a playground

The hike was worth it though. Hill Park Seremban 2 is a beautiful and well maintained space, with intriguing dinosaur sculptures right in the middle of the park. Our kids wasted no time and headed straight to where the dinosaurs were located. They were really excited checking out each and every dinosaur (including those hatching out of their eggs!).

The park also has two big playgrounds for the kids to play and run around freely. The kids had such a good time playing at the playground, they almost didn’t want to leave!


In a nutshell, this park is worth the visit for families. It is not only a great hangout space, but a good space for everyone to sweat it out, with the hike and all.


  • A good time to visit the park would be in the early mornings between 7 – 9am before the sun gets too hot. Late afternoons between 5 – 7pm are also good to visit.
  • Don’t forget to wear light clothing and appropriate shoes, especially for the hike up to the park.
  • Bring some water too!

Where is it?

The Dinosaur Park is located at Hill Park Seremban 2 at S2 Heights, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Opening hours are from 6.30am – 9pm and there is no entrance fee.

Check it this fantastic Dinotopia adventure as well at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.

Dinosaur park 8 - Happy Go KL

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