A two day glamping stay at Dusun Bonda with kids

The gurgling, always present flow of the river next to you, the sound of birds and the green surroundings of a former orchard. That’s glamping at Dusun Bunda. Not even an hour out of town, this place is a must for camping lovers… Since we can go out and explore again with the family, why not try this great place!

A while ago I stumbled upon this word: glamping. I looked it up and found that glamping is one of those buzzwords that has recently been popular in the tourist industry. It’s a combination of two words: ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. For those who think ‘glamping’ is new, well it’s not. In the Middle Ages in Europe, the French and English kings had tents set up in their favourite hills outside town, complete with beautifully decorated tents, lavish feasts and flowing fountains of wine. Fancy that.

Thumbs up for glamping!

So when an opportunity came up to stay with Dusun Bonda, a glamping place just north of Kuala Lumpur, I decided to give it a chance. The city girl within me however, dug her heels deep in the sand. I’d had my share of creepy crawlers, toilet trips in the dark and shared showers. My family however loves to spend their nights outdoors. Setting up tents, roasting your dinner above a fire you built with your own hands… Nothing can make them happier.

No need to say that it didn’t take long to convince the family to come with me. There was only one thing… 
“No wifi, mum?” The expression on our children’s faces was priceless. Still in shock, they went to their rooms, to pack some games and books. Yes, books!

Camping in an orchard

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Dusun Bonda is a small privately-owned glamping site in a fruit orchard. Dusun means ‘orchard’ and Bonda is ‘mother’. It was the owner’s intend to turn her family retreat into a lovely childhood memory for her daughter and to share it with others. With its great setting next to a river, a small but super cool playground (with its own climbing wall) and a swimming pool with fresh river water, it’s easy to see why she wanted to achieve this. It’s not just a dream site for little girls, but for children of all ages. 

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The smoke-free (!) grounds of Dusun Bonda have got some studio villas on the river side and nine tents.
We were lucky to have a Glam tent, in front of the river. To mum’s pleasant surprise, this type of tent has got its own private bathroom, including a hot water shower, right next to the tent. The tent itself is very spacious and you can stand straight up without having to bend. Our tent had three large beds and could occupy six guests. For the four of us, there was plenty of space.
It rained for half an hour or so while we were there and in case you’re worried about leaking tents: all Dusun Bonda tents are covered under a roof, so no leaking at all.
Dusun Bonda is a no-stroller place, since it has got little pebble pathways and different levels.

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“I wonder if it is still warm at night?”
I was talking to myself, while my son switched on a portable AC, which made the tent instantly cool. What bliss…


That evening, we joined a BBQ with marinated grilled chicken and fish, Chinese fried rice, sausages, sweet corn and cordial juice for the kids. Dusun Bonda has got some home-made sambals on the table. Don’t forget to try these, if you’re into spicy stuff. Simple but very tasty. Our kids loved the sausages and corn. The kampung durian after dinner was much appreciated. Well, at least by one member of the family…

dusun bonda 4 - Happy Go KL

The mattresses in the tents are sturdy, but comfortable and we slept like babies, with the calming sounds of the river next to us. The pillows are nice and thick, but a bit high for my liking. If you’re used to soft pillows like me, best to bring your own.

Waterfall hike

We had a very relaxed sleep, after which we were treated to a local breakfast that included nasi lemak, bread and spreads, fruits, coffee, tea and cordial juice. What better setting then next to the river, with singing birds in the fruit trees.

After breakfast we geared up for a jungle trip with our guide, Haji Omar. He took us through the orchard to a small waterfall. It was an easy walk, without any steep hills or other obstacles. It was no problem for our kids who are 11 and 15 and I reckon the hike would be ok for children as young as 5 years old. Since it had been raining the day before, we did encounter some leeches. 
“Here, try this.”
Our guide grabbed some leaves from nearby branches and after gently (for me, not for the leech) removing the animal, he told me to rub my shin with the leaves. Result: no blood loss and no itch. Magic!

Our reward after the 45 minutes hike: a beautiful pond at the bottom of a nice waterfall. Feeling slightly warm, it didn’t take long for all of us to dive in.

dusun bondawaterfall - Happy Go KL

There is something about swimming in the cold and clear water of these ponds that makes you realise that the word ‘rejuvenated’ wasn’t invented by Ponds. It is the power of nature that refreshes the soul.

Be quick

Dusun Bonda is a new glamping spot and a little gem not too far from KL. It won’t take long before the KL glampelites will discover this place. So if you’re keen for a great time away from the city’s hustle and bustle, inquire now here for the Dusun Bonda tents and villas.

dusun bonda glamping - Happy Go KL

The glamping experience tamed my inner city girl… Is it time to tame yours?


  • Bring your own pillow if you want a thin one.
  • Bring insect repellent; it’s still the bush after all.
  • Bring your own drinks if you want. There is a fridge on site where you can cool them.
  • Leave iPads and other devices at home. Enjoy games, a great book and the beautiful sounds of nature.

This is a sponsored post. We stayed as guests of Dusun Bonda. All opinions, as always, are honest and our own.

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