A day out in Semenyih

Semenyih isn’t far from KL, it is located on the outskirts of Kajang, the satay town. If the traffic is clear, it can be reached in about 50 minutes.  A few weekends back we headed out there to check out some of the outdoorsy activities in the area.

Fish Valley

First we headed to Fish Valley at Semenyih for some ‘fishy’ fun. To my amazement the place was huge with a few big ponds and lush greenery.

Semenyih Fish Valley - Happy Go KL

We parked our car under the tree and headed to a ‘lucky’ spot to set up our fishing gear (it was actually my dad who did it all). Before fishing, you will need to register at the restaurant (just by the pond).

There are two ponds, one for fish under 3kg (which we did) and the other for big fish over 3kg. The fee for the small pond is RM10 for unlimited hours, RM20 for the big one. If you want to take back the fish you catch, the price will be by the kg according to their price list. You may also give the fish to the restaurant and they will cook it for you.

No fishing rods and bait? No problem. You can rent rods here for RM15 per rod per day (7am –7pm) with a refundable MYR 30 deposit. Baits are RM2 per pack.

Once all gear was set up we waited patiently for the fish to come and take the bait, constantly staring at our rods for any movement. We had a few false alarms being cheated by the clever fish! Bait gone but fish are nowhere to be seen.

After a mere 20 minutes we managed to catch a red tilapia! Yay! It was a decent size too! We were too excited and did not even take a photo of it! We put it in a pail with water and kept it for our lunch later. At this point my daughter was starting to get restless and passed the ‘waiting’ task to her brother.

ATV - Happy Go KL

Us girls then headed to the ATV booth next to the restaurant. We had a go with the ATVs on the little hill nearby with trails and some obstacles. We ended up with muddy shoes and mud-covered our trousers so would call it a succes. Overall it was quite good experience, especially if this is your first ATV ride.

By the time we got back to check on the fishermen, another two tilapias (one red and one black) had been caught together with a number of small unknown fish.

In case you haven’t got the patience, you may buy some of the tilapia from the small hut. They will clean it and put into the ice box for you to take home.

restaurant - Happy Go KL

By this time we were eager to go to the restaurant and try out their famous seafood dishes. I was told that the restaurant is normally full during the weekends and public holidays. We chose a table facing the pond with a little fan on top. Overall the dishes are good but the price was a little high. But do try the homemade coconut ice cream – really good!

coconut ice cream - Happy Go KL

Rabbit Fun Land

After lunch we decided to go for a little adventure and heading to Rabbit Fund Land, about 30 minutes drive away from Fish Valley. I had read some bad reviews of this place, but my friend went recently and told me it is worth going. We decided to give it a try as we were in the area.

If I am not mistaken, the ticket was about RM10 per person. You can purchase packets of carrots and apple (RM8) to feed the rabbits, who roam in an open area.

The small farm has other animals, too, like a cheeky camel there that likes to nibble your clothes!

semenyih camel - Happy Go KL

Watch out for the ostriches as they may snap your fingers when you try to feed them! There are also baby calves, mountain goats and buffaloes that you can feed.

petting zoo in KL - Happy Go KL

You can also buy a ticket for pony ride for RM10 but I do not recommend this as they only take you a small round on the little field. Plus the ponies were looking a little tired, with quite a number of children riding on a busy day.

Some of the animals are in a rather small enclosures but I was told that they have their ‘walking time’ or some can roam free when the place is not open. The animals looked very healthy and well fed.

semenyih animal farm - Happy Go KL

We spent about an hour with the animals and headed back to KL. It was a good and tiring day out – the kids slept right through the journey home. If you have spare time before head back to KL you may want to try some of the famous satay in Kajang town, it’s on the way!

But, if you are feeling sporty…

… why not try climbing Broga Hill with the kids. The trailblazing Happy Go KL mamas say that it is a steep climb and in some places a little treacherous so it requires someone who is steady on their feet and moderately fit.  While it’s not so great for the really little ones we have done it with host of ages, including a very intrepid 4 year old.

broga hills with kids - Happy Go KL

As you leave the cover of the canopy and head up to the first peak you will need the help of the ropes in some places. The terrain is sandstone so can become quite slippery – we would avoid if it has been raining a lot. However, there is an easier route along the side of the hill with an approach from the back of the hill, which might be a better option for those who aren’t looking for the challenge of the rope climb.

Bear in mind the climb to the first peak is in full sun and it is hot, so pack lots of snacks, water, sunscreen and wear breathable clothes that cover little necks, shoulders and arms.

You can check the conditions on the Broga Hill Facebook page, that has been really helpful in the past.


If you are looking for a weekend away, read our review of this peaceful villa in Pantai Hills, a short drive from Semenyih. For more ideas to get out of city, check out our list of daytrips from KL.

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