A bouncing good time at Jumptopia: Holiday Village inflatable park

Tell me which kid doesn’t love a bouncy castle? There’s just something about it that makes kids gravitate towards them. Now imagine a bouncy castle CARNIVAL, spanning over 28000 square feet, with a total of eight giant animal themed bouncy castles! It sound like a kids paradise… Welcome to Jumptopia: Holiday Village inflatable park. 

Jumptopia is located at Pavilion Bukit Jalil at the Piazza, level 3. It is suitable and fun not only for young kids but adults too – don’t worry, no one is judging. If you ever need to push your kid to exercise, while having heaps of fun, then Jumptopia is the place for you. They won’t stop till their heads are covered in sweat, trust me. 

Different themed inflatables


As we entered the piazza, we were greeted by the sight of many giant colourful inflatables. The whole atmosphere felt like a carnival. The girls couldn’t wait to get in. You are given a two hour time slot to play. 

There are eight different themed bouncy castles available:

  • Drago’s adventure land – the girls made a mad dash towards the massive green dragon inflatable where they ‘rock climbed’, and sat on a swinging log (they loved this and the dad got a good workout from pushing them).
  • Tigers Olympic range – this was also a big hit – the girls raced through the obstacle course and went up and down the giant slide multiple times. 
  • Happy’s fashion maze – the girls loved going through the maze and getting ‘lost’.
  • Bell’s cake shop – we thought this was the cutest inflatable there. Imagine climbing and bouncing atop a giant cake whilst being surrounded by inflatable cookies and macarons!
  • Raby’s pink forest and Mark’s space station – these two were the most suitable for little toddlers to jump and bounce around as the castles were quite small and didn’t have any slides.
  • Honey’s music studio – my younger one went on this inflatable multiple times as she loved to slide and bounce amongst the giant microphones and musical notes.
  • Eli’s Neptune pool – this inflatable is also a popular one amongst kids, as it was like a ‘swimming pool’ ball pit with many colourful balls around Eli the elephant.

Jumptopia 4 - Happy Go KL

There are also many small rocking inflatables scattered around the area for kids to sit on. After 1.5 hours, the kids were dripping in sweat and all bounced out. 

The only gripe I had about the place, was that because it was held outdoors and you are constantly bouncing up and down those castles, it got rather hot so it did get a little uncomfortable towards the end. Wish they had installed some portable cooling machines or fans around, so kids and parents can cool down much faster! Apart from that, the kids still had a bouncing good time and walked out with the biggest smiles on their faces. 

Jumptopia 3 - Happy Go KL

Some tips

  • Try and book an early time slot, as it gets really warm with all the bouncing (and the piazza is an open air space).
  • Wear something cooling and comfy. 
  • There are no lockers around so if you have valuables, try to keep them in a small bag if you plan to jump around with the kids. 
  • Remember to bring socks (required to enter) and hand sanitiser (I only spotted one hand sanitiser available in the whole area). 
  • Bring lots and lots of water! There is a small area selling snacks and drinks, but they didn’t sell any bottled water when we were there. 
  • Last but not least, be prepared to have a fun workout with the kids!

Jumptopia is on till 26 June 2022. You can find out more about Jumptopia and the rates here.

We were invited by KKday. As always, our opinion is honest and our own.  

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