A BookXcess paradise at REXKL

If you’ve been to a couple of BookXcess outlets, you’d know by now that each store is completely different from the other. I simply love that they’re leading the way in terms of experiential browsing and book shopping.

I must say, their latest outlet has gone to the top of my list of book shopping experiences. Located in REXKL, it has retained as much as, if not all, of the original structure – well, minus the cinema seats of course… In its heyday, Rex Theatre filled its halls with cinema goers. It was rebuilt after a fire in 1972 and continued a good run until another fire in 2002, which brought it all to a stop.

Rex Theatre has been brought back to life as REXKL, a cultural hub with F&B outlets, an event and exhibition space, along with BookXcess holding court, taking up 10,700 sqft of space – the bigger, the better I say when it comes to bookshops.

Take a walk upstairs


BookXcess is located on the second floor of REXKL and if you’ve ever been (or if you’re of a certain age) to an old-school cinema in Malaysia, you’d know you’ll be walking up – sorry, no lifts. But I loved the walk-up. It brought back a flood of memories of good old-fashioned cinema halls, where the first class hall (kelas satu) was always the one upstairs.

The outlet was designed to bring in the street feel of Petaling Street with narrow walkways, mazes, secret corners, going up and down. I love it simply for the element of surprise at every turn. However, if you like your book selection neat and tidy, all sitting in a row within easy reach, this probably wouldn’t be the best place for you to shop for books!

When you enter BookXcess REXKL, you will come across the children’s section first. Having said that, this outlet is most definitely not for young ones to roam in. With mazes, mini steps, uneven floors, and low hanging shelves, it’s better to shop here on your own without the little ones – and wouldn’t that make a nice self-care time?!

Entering what used to be the kelas satu cinema hall, the view simply takes your breath away. They call this area the theatre of books. All I wanted to do was to pack my bags and encamp here!

Book paradise

REXKL 7 - Happy Go KL

BookXcess REXKL is a bibliophile’s paradise. With floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, there are books for days on end. As with all their outlets, they cover children, fiction, non-fiction books, as well as a reasonable range of art specially curated by ARTisFAIR/KL.

I found it a nice surprise that BookXcess now stocks latest releases as well. The prices are similar to what you’d get from other bookstores as they’re considered consignment books. But hey, the more options for shoppers, the merrier!

Even if you’re not looking to book shop, pop by to check out BookXcess REXKL. I promise, you won’t regret it. Proper footwear highly recommended whilst visiting! Unless of course you’re used to walking on uneven surfaces in stilettos…

Fancy visiting another BookXcess outlet? Here is our review for the one at MyTown in Cheras!

Location and operating hours

REXKL is located at 80 Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur.

Mondays – closed
Tuesdays to Thursdays and Sundays – 10am to 10pm
Fridays and Saturdays – 10am to 12am

REXKL 6 - Happy Go KL

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