5 Easy peasy DIY Halloween decorations


Sadly, we learnt that also this year we will not have a Halloween ‘trick or treat’ in our friendly neighbourhood, due to Covid-19. However, this news didn’t stop us from decorating our house for Halloween.

Why spend hundreds on store bought decorations if we can make our own? Check out some simple yet fun Halloween decorations that you and your kids can make at home.

1. Halloween Jars 

These simple Halloween jars are easy and fun to make. I believe we all cooked more than usually during lockdown, so there will be no problem finding empty jars at home!

What you need

  • Empty glass jars (like pesto jars, mint sauce jars, etc.)
  • Water paint, acrylic paint or spray paint
  • Tea light candles


  • Clean the jars thoroughly and remove all the labels.
  • Decorate the jars according to your liking. You could also search online for Halloween jar designs like this one.
  • Dry completely before placing a tea light candle in the jar.


  • You can soak the jars in warm soapy water overnight and the labels will come off easily the next day.
  • Make sure the tea light candles are off before you leave the house or go to bed!

2. Front Door Deco

We are no strangers to online shopping during the lockdown and my husband calls me the online shopping queen now. If you had your shopping done online as well, you may have a lot of left over cardboard boxes. Perfect for a front door decoration…

What you need

  • cardboard boxes
  • paint or markers
  • scissors


  • Cut the cardboard boxes into strips. The size depends on your liking or the size of your door. Parental supervision advised with the use of scissors or knives!
  • Make a few small cuts at the sides of the cardboard strips to create the looks of timber.
  • You may write ‘keep out’, ‘do not enter’, ‘zombie inside’, ‘beware’ or ‘don’t let my mum out’!
  • Add a bit of red paint for ‘blood’, decorate with spider web and spiders, cut out bats, it is all down to your kids’ creativity!

3. Styrofoam Tomb Stone

Online lockdown ordering of seafood and fruits left us with a few Styrofoam boxes. They are perfect to make tomb stones.

What you need

  • Styrofoam boxes
  • Paint
  • Pen knife


  • Cut out a tomb shape from the Styrofoam box. If the Styrofoam is too thin, you may want to glue two layers together.
  • Cut out a triangle shape to glue at the back of the tomb stone, so it can stand.
  • Paint the tomb stone with grey paint. Use your imagination to create a name on the tomb stone. Add some blood stains and spider webs to make it scarier.

4. Hanging Spider Nest

Halloween DIY 2 - Happy Go KL

This is fun to make and it looks creepy…

What you need

  • 2 white Styrofoam balls (you can order online) or tennis balls wrapped in a few layers of kitchen towels.
  • Old white stocking 
  • Plastic spiders (lots of them) – you can order them online, they are about RM4 for 20 pcs. You can also find them at the shops from our article about shops that sell Halloween decorations here.


  • Cut the stocking in half (two full ‘legs’).
  • Put the ball into the end of the stocking.
  • If you have enough spiders you may stick some on the ball before insert into the stocking.
  • Glue the spiders on and around the stocking.
  • Hang them on a door. If you have some leftover spiders glue them around where you hang the nest. Different sizes of spiders make it more interesting!

5. Bloody Candles


This decoration is super easy to make and it looks great on top of dining tables.

What you need

  • Light coloured candles and red coloured candles


Light the red coloured candle and let the wax drip on the tip of the light colour candles, to create a blood dripping effect.  

Happy Halloween!

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