3 Reasons to have parties at a park

What better place to hang out with friends than at our beautiful parks? Birthday parties at the park are naturally the most frequent, as each month of the year, there is at least one person in our family having his or her birthday. 

1. Easy invites

All you have to do is to make an announcement in your WhatsApp chat group, or you could create a special group for the occasion. Organise who brings what and on the day itself everyone will come to the park with gifts, games, decorations and picnic food! 

2. So much space and fresh air

  • There are ample spaces for kids to run around, to ride on their bicycles, their scooters, or go on their skateboards. Best of all, access to most parks is free!
  • Trees are good for everyone. Besides giving us the oxygen we need, they provide us with much-needed shade from the sun. Vitamin D is good, but too much of it could give us sunburn. Don’t forget your sunblock!

3. Great for activities and exercise

  • Someone can bring a football or a basketball, and immediately, everyone would form teams to play. Kids can also bring bikes, scooters and other devices to play with at the park.
  • Older kids can prepare a treasure hunt, and everyone can search the trees and shrubs, or the slide and the sea saw, in search of more clues that lead to the treasure. 
  • You get to burn lots of calories while partying at the park. Rather than sitting down at an air-conditioned restaurant, at the park you will need to walk a lot more, and you’re standing most of the time. 

Not just for birthday parties!

Why wait till a birthday comes up? Have parties at the park for Easter, Halloween, the Lantern festival, Merdeka Day or Malaysia Day. One of my favourites is doing Art at the Park with friends. It is not so much about the art, but the act of doing art together gives a feeling of calm camaraderie that nothing else can evoke.

The greatest and most memorable party of them all was a surprise anniversary party that our dear friends had secretly planned for my husband and me. My dear husband slid down a yellow sliding chute at the park and greeted me with a bouquet of flowers! Then we were led like newly weds, to a beautifully decorated path put up by a wedding planner friend, serenaded by a brother and sister duo, playing the violin and cello. We cut a ‘wedding cake’, made by Karen Leong Cake Design. The finale to the extraordinary party was a joget session where everyone joined in the traditional Malay dance. 


Some parks to check out

Check out our top picks for the best picnic spots in KL. Do check SOP rules before going. Have fun!

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