When Ants Took Over My Keyboard


Living in the tropics means living with cockroaches, mosquitoes, lizards and ANTS! The ants feel very at home in my house. They don’t have good manners when it comes to privacy. I can handle them eating my leftovers from breakfast and share my kids’ candies they find on the floor.

But my ants seem to invite more and more friends every day. And recently it got out of hand: they got into my bed.

It started when my husband was abroad and I was surfing the internet in my bed. That night I hardly had any sleep and that was not because of my six-week old baby. My little six-legged black friends were tickling me! The next day I changed the bedding and assumed they would stay away. But they did not. And then I found out why they were there in the first place. The ants had made their home in my laptop. And since I took the laptop to bed, they came with it. Here I was, chatting with my friend when I realized there were ants crawling in and out of the laptop. There was a moment that I thought I had a nightmare, when one of them appeared from T and disappeared in M. I was typing silly words while I was trying to kill the creatures between R and the F.

I set out to find out how to get rid of my roommates. So I googled (yes, while the ants where crawling in and out of their house). And I found it to be a well-known problem, called laptop ants.  The problem seems to be (sounds very simple, I could have come up with that myself) that the ants are attracted by the food crumbs in the laptop (yes, I admit that I secretly eat at my keyboard). Not many people had come with good solutions, but I found one that is awesome.

So I tried it! It felt a bit strange making a construction like this. But it worked! So if you’re bothered by friends like mine, just use this trick:

By the way, you better build this contraption outside…

Good luck!

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