New trampoline park in KL: Amped


I am the first to try out kids activities that involve physical exercise  – the surest recipe for a quick bedtime. So checking out the new Amped trampoline park at the 1Utama Club has been on our bucket list for some time. We finally made it on a weekday during school holidays and were happy to find a nice addition to kids’ indoor activities in KL.

amped 3

Amped is smaller than Jump Street, but has a few novelties, like the Power Tower, slide ending in the foam pit and a small platform for free fall jumps into the pit. Amped is also air-conditioned, although that by no means equals a sweat-free jumping experience…

amped 1

To get to the slide the kids need to navigate through a rope climb, a great exercise! The staff is friendly and hawk-eyed: only one jumper is allowed on most of the stations at the time and I felt they kept the jumpers well under control.

amped 2

Climbing wall over a foam pit – a great idea. I tried it but found the plastic handles very sharp – maybe they are designed for smaller feet than mine?

amped 5

Basketball and dodge ball are there, as expected. High-power trampoline is accessible for even the smaller jumpers, which they really loved – but there is only one.

amped 6

There are chairs just outside the main trampoline area for those waiting. The complex across the street from the Club has also now a few nice looking coffee shops if your jumpers are responsible enough to stay unsupervised.

We paid the off-peak rate of RM19/person, that includes a bottle of water. There is a water fountain in the corridor just outside as well.

After an hour of jumping I had asked a carload of exhausted little jumpers what they though: “The slide was better than Jump Street”, “Great”, “and “We love jumping”. The test jumpers were aged 5-7 and Amped worked well for them. Teens and those wanting to practice some serious trampoline tricks may still prefer the more spacious Jump Street., cpa campaign, lead generation, lead campaign, smart match lander, intelligent lander, a

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