My new best friend: Soda Xpress


Sparkling water is one of those little luxuries in life for me. You know, like imported jam or real butter on your bread – it turns something plain into something a bit special. But carrying plastic bottles from the shop was causing gorilla arms and the amount of plastic was just getting ridiculous. So when my family gifted me a kitchen gadget for my birthday, I was actually thrilled!

Meet my new mate Soda Xpress:soda stream 4

Soda Xpress is the Malaysian (made in China) cousin of the more famous, European soda maker (that has been tarnished by controversy in recent years). It’s super easy to use: all you need to do is fill the bottle with cold water, click it on and press the button. One canister of gas makes about 60 litres of fizzy water (except for the first one, that makes less) and refill canisters (about RM40) can be bought online or exchanged at stockists – my local Cha Time and Home Fix are very convenient for me.

She is a slim beauty, taking hardly any space on my kitchen counter. And I am telling you, she is the one out all these guys that sees the most action.

soda xpress review

You can mix the water with syrups if you are a fan of soft drinks. I’m only using it for water, and found that although it does sustain my addiction to sparkling water, it also saves money and reduces the amount of waste we generate.

In case you are wondering, the customer service informed me that the bottles are BPA free, and you can buy extra bottles if needed. You can order your Soda Xpress from Lazada:

lazada soda xpress

*This is not a sponsored review: we bought the product ourselves and have been using it for several months. The links in the post are affiliate links – if you decide to buy the product, by doing so through the link we get a tiny commission that helps us run HGKL. Thank you!

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    • Hi! It tastes pretty much like the Spritzer sparkling water. Obviously it has no minerals etc so the taste is different to the mineral waters. Refreshing nevertheless!

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