Mompreneur Series: Franki of Frankitas


Hope you enjoyed the first interview in our Mompreneur Series. Here’s another lady whose brand we have featured before. Her words are sound, practical and spoken from experience.

Welcome to HGKL, Franki of Frankitas!

1. Can you give us a brief description of your business and when it started?

Frankitas started exactly one year ago with a collection of bags and purses, jewelry and home décor, made from traditional ethnic textiles that are rich in heritage and history. Supporting skilled artisans from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Africa and Central Asia, we use traditional textile motifs such as Ikat, Batik, Songket, Tenun and Rangrang.


2. What made you decide to turn your hobby or interest into a business?

When I had my 3 children, I realised my time was more limited. I struggled balancing on being a good mother and at the same time working in the rat race. I figured pursuing something I love as a business and being able to have full control of my time, would be extraordinarily liberating – and it has been.


3. What challenges did you face getting your business started/going?

One major challenge was finding good people to work in my team. We are much better now and have a good pool of talents in Frankitas.


4. How do you balance your time between the other aspects of your life (e.g. like being a Mom) and being an entrepreneur?

Excellent question to all the “mompreneurs” out there.

Truthfully, I am still learning to better my time management. I do know that having a routine and keeping to a schedule helps. Once in a while I have my “me” time to unwind and once I have had that, I am recharged again to juggle.

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5. What tips do you have for other hobbyists or creatives who are thinking about setting up their own business?

Firstly, take that risk and create a business plan. Then focus and don’t look back. AND surround yourself with positive people and who continue to challenge you.

Use social media as your first sales and marketing platform. It is the best form of advertising, and it is free too.

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