Life-Changing Bread


This bread recipe has created quite a storm on the blogosphere for some time now. So I decided to give it a try as I devour anything with nuts and seeds and, if there’s one thing this has, it’s lots of nuts and seeds. And lots and lots of fiber-y stuff which I can attest to but that would be giving you too much information. What it doesn’t have is flour. And no yeast. And no kneading. And, best of all, no bowls to clean!

I hereby present the original link to this “Life-Changing Bread”. I wouldn’t call it particularly life-changing (and my baguette-loving husband doesn’t call it bread either) but what it is is delicious, chewy, filling, healthy, so easy to make and heavenly when slathered with butter or cream cheese or jam or, well, just about anything. It’s gluten-free too which is a plus!


I enjoyed the bread so much fresh out of the oven, I forgot to take a photo of it in loaf-form. So here, the last few morsels left…I’m off to bake another loaf!

PS: Just in case you are wondering where to get some of the ingredients and whether you need to visit a health store, I managed to find all of them at our local Aeon supermarket’s organic section. Easy peasy.


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