Jump like you never have before


Early last Sunday we set out to check the latest craze in KL, Jump Street trampoline park. And boy, it was so worth it! By the time we were ten minutes short of our one hour slot, one kid was stretched across floor like a starfish unable to move, while the other one was trying to make his shaky legs take him to the trampoline basket ball court for the last time.

jumpstreet kl trampolines galore

I spotted those who obviously had been before – they were dressed appropriately in gym gear. Most trampolines are under gigantic fans but those that are not get very hot indeed. We loved the variety of trampolines, you can play games or practice you acrobatics skills. And unlike in the indoor play gyms, also adults can have a workout.

jumpstreet kl trampolines

On-line booking is recommended, and you need to buy special socks to jump. Lockers can be rented for a small fee, and there are free water fountains. Jump referees keep an eye on all areas but when it gets busy, collisions are more likely to happen. With young kids I would play it safe and come early in the morning when it is relatively quiet.


jumpstreet kl wall painting

And what takes Jump Street to a whole different level is decent coffee! The sandwiches in display also looked fresh. The cafeteria overlooks the trampolines, so if you have older kids it is a perfect place to chill while the young ones jump their hearts out.


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