Hari Kraf Kebangsaan – National Craft Day in Kuala Lumpur


The annual Hari Kraf Kebangsaan (HKK) is an annual two-week long craft bonanza at the Craft Complex on Jalan Conlay. This really is the place to shop for fine Malaysian crafts. Separate tents are dedicated to baskets and weaving, jewellery, ceramics, metal (mostly knives) and woodwork. If you are planning a wedding, there is tent for that, too. Batik is always well represented. These photos are from our visit in 2015.

I was pleased to see some more contemporary designs as well, but all in all the majority of craftsmen and women seem to follow the traditional designs. Admittedly I am a basket addict but just look at these gorgeous baskets (actually they are called Takinan and traditionally made by the Murut community in Sabah, I am told by a helpful reader)! I managed to stop at one, but the fair is on for two weeks… The prices are also very reasonable.

HKK2015 1

HKK 2015 6 HKK 2015 5 HKK 2015 2

Many of the stalls seem to manned by the craftsmen and women themselves, which is great. This one is one of my favourites in KL markets: Gerai OA. It is a volunteer run NGO that collects the crafts from the orang asli artists and sell them at various markets. All profits are returned to the communities, along with medical and other help.

HKK 2015 3

During the fair there is also lots of programme: demonstrations, music and obviously food from all around Malaysia. I heard them say on the radio that they even have cooking competitions! And a cat show (not sure how that relates to crafts) – but I was too exhausted fromĀ  and aahing around the basket stalls to go and check that one out.

The fair takes place at the Craft Complex on Jalan Conlay. Parking is provided in designated areas, and there are shuttles between the fair and the parking lots further away. Map of the parking areas can be found here.

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