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Those looking for a healthy lunch or breakfast options, head over to TTDI. Goodness Greens Cafe is a refreshing change in a foodscape saturated with trendy cafés putting more effort into their design than the food.

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At Goodness Greens you can put your meal together from a scratch, building on a base of salad, potatoes or rice. Tick your add-ons and a dressing and you’ll know exactly what’s in your meal.

The salads are exactly as exiting as you make them! If you want to experiment a bit more, go for the Goddess bowl, a beautiful portion of all things healthy that comes with a green sauce/soup that looks like it has enough vitamins for a week. There are lots of options for vegans (including coffee) but also for those in favour of some animal protein.

The restaurant is small but light, and unlike so many others in KL it doesn’t seem to get overly noisy even when full.

goodness greens restaurant

goodness greens salad rice
La Juiceria cold pressed juices are a natural accompaniment to your meal. Raw cakes may not sound like something you want to waste calories on, but think again! Even my slightly skeptical father in-law had to admit that the mint chocolate raw cake was as mouth watering as any standard cafeteria treat laden with white sugar and wheat.

I appreciate the effort that has been put into making this small restaurant family-friendly. The spacious kids’ play corner has tables overlooking it and has the usual kit, plus a tv (that hasn’t thankfully been on during my visits) and some tables for quiet colouring (wishful thinking?). There are pastas and all-day-breakfast on the menu that should suit most kids’ tastes too, making it a perfect family option especially outside the lunch time crowds. They also have nappy changing facilities and even a mini-toilet.

Off-street parking in TTDI is infamous and even if you manage to find a spot during the day you might get triple-parked in – but the restaurant is a short walk from the big open air car park.

goodness greens kids corner

Goodness Greens is a perfect neighbourhood restaurant, where you walk out feeling healthy and nourished and wanting to come back for lunch. Extra points for the kid-friendly facilities!

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