Getting Creative at DR.Inc


Photos by Lisette Scheers

As a big fan of Nala Designs, I was thrilled to discover in early April that Lisette Scheers (Creative Director/Print Connoisseur/Head Designer of Nala Designs and L.Inc a design and advertising agency) would hold a Silkscreen Printing Workshop at her beautiful cafe DR.Inc.

(DR.Inc is a gorgeous place which serves top quality coffees, delicious sandwiches and a killer Nasi Lemak which is served only on Sundays. It also serves as HQ for Nala items, all of which are on display throughout the cafe).


What a treat it was! Not only did we learn the basics of screen printing but I was able to meet lovely people and creative entrepreneurs whose energy and passion were such an inspiration to me. There was even a mother-daughter duo who joined the workshop – a great bonding experience indeed!


Lisette is a dynamic teacher and an encouraging guide through the whole process. For the uninitiated like myself, Lisette and her knowledgeable team made the whole process less daunting.


She champions ‘beauty in imperfection’ and told us not to worry when we made mistakes since silkscreen printing can still achieve a beautiful look through the mix of colors.


We created our own designs, chose our combination of two colors and prepared our silkscreen frames. We then printed the designs onto notebooks and cloth bags. The results were gorgeous! Simple yet truly display-worthy.


I look forward to the coming workshops at DR.Inc. There’s a Watercolour Workshop coming up at the end of the week which may be a great, alternative way for Mums to spend Mother’s Day.

The café is a beautiful oasis on a quiet street, and there is a small shop stocking the lovely Nala range and selected goods from other brands.

8, Jalan Kemuja
Bangsar 59000
Kuala Lumpur

Written by Marite Irvine

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