DIY doll’s house


My pride and joy is the doll’s house I made for my daughter when she turned three more than a year ago. I honestly have to say that this present was way too big at the time and she appreciated the crayons she received from a friend much more. But it is an amazing present that will last long and a nice project to make. I really enjoyed spending time on it. Many kids have played with it since and especially older kids generally love it. I hope to inspire you, because it’s really easy to make.

dolls house

I used to have a low bookshelf in my room when I was 16. Suddenly my creative brain saw a makeover in this old piece of furniture. So I used the shelf for the main structure of the house. That’s the part without the roof – you can see it on the picture above. To make it look like a house I bought some wood and did some maths. I fixed the roof and looked some rectangular shapes to become doors. My creative dad helped me with the stairs.

Then comes the best part, just like when moving into a new house: decorating! I papered the walls with coloured paper from a magazine. You can buy nice Japanese paper in Daiso. Sky is the limit in this project, and budget should not be a problem for once.

dolls house 6

The roof is made of panel curtains from Ikea, which make it look like thatch. I used black and white felt to make bathroom tiles. I hooked some round rugs and furnished the house with wooden furniture from Plan Toys. Some of the furniture dates back to when I was a child… really retro!

dolls house 5

I still have some ideas that I haven’t managed to finish. Like putting some nice ‘paintings’ on the wall, a clock, the world map. And finally I would love to have some lightning in the house. It should be easy using some fairy lights. I still have time to do it…

dolls house 4


dolls house 3

If you need more inspiration to make something like this, hop over to our Pinterest site.

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