Best places to hug bunnies in KL


Now if you asked my kids what is their favourite thing ever, they would probably say hugging little furry animals. Well, they would probably first say ice-cream and IPads but the furry animals would be right up there. One of the best places for furry love is Farm in the City. It has lots of animals and opportunities to feed them, good facilities – and a lot of people on weekends and holidays.

farm in the city bunny

This place is much more than a petting zoo and is tidy and well organised. There is a lot of staff around to assist – last time we went they didn’t seem to think there was a problem with kids riding the tortoises, though. We generally hang out in the large enclosure with guinea-pigs and bunnies, feeding and hugging them.

farm in the city guinea pigs

And for those keen on non-furry, there are some curious reptiles – often on display with the handler for the kids to get close-up.

farm in the city lizard

Other places to get close to cute and furry friends:

  • Zoo Negara has a small kids’ area where you can pet ponies – almost as good as bunnies.
  • Barks bunny Cafe in Subang Jaya.
  • Rabbit farm at Bukit Tinggi – if you are up there anyway, it makes a nice, quick stop. It seems on busy days the rabbits get fed so much they are not too interested, but even then they are up for a cuddle.
  • On our mini-roadtrip to the Sepang coast we managed to squeeze in some rabbit-love, read more about that here.

Over the CNY holiday we wanted to explore new places to meet furry creatures, preferably rabbits,and drove down to RabbitFunLand in Semenyih – but found it was closed. If anyone has been there, was it worth the drive? It is next door to the popular hiking destination of Broga Hill – one day when we are feeling energetic will try to do the hike followed by some rabbit fun. Apparently a recent bush fire left bits of the hill charred so we will use that as an excuse for not being too sporty.

Did we miss out your favourite bunny-hugging spot? Leave a comment!

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  1. Hello can I give my rabbit to this place. Unfortunately I am leaving Malaysia and I wanna find a good house for her.

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