Apps you need in KL


Although I am actively trying to stay away from screens when possible, there are some apps that can solve everyday problems. Here are the ones that make life in KL easier!


Get around:

These days I almost always use MyTeksi for getting a taxi – I feel it’s safer and you know exactly when your rideĀ  will arrive. The one thing that drives me a bit bonkers is the fact that the quickest driver to confirm the ride gets it, although he might be miles away (or on his way to drop off another customer) while those around the block would have been a better match. I know many have started using Uber. There is also a new airport taxi app, Cab2klia, that I have not yet tested but it claims to have cheaper rates to the airport.

The recently introduced the TaxiMeterOn app offers driver verification, fare estimation, feedback and reporting option, as well as a SOS message system.

When behind the wheel I often use Waze to both get me to places and to check the traffic conditions.

While we still have to wait for a real journey planner for the public transport (according to this news article), KL Train is the closest there is for now.

KLIA Express app allows you to buy an scannable ticket as well as check timetables for the ever handy airport train.

The other day I read on the news about a new carpooling app called Tripda, that seems like a great way of sharing the cost and environmental burden of driving – and getting company for those lonely car journeys!


Air Quality Index is not a fancy app but comes handy for those hazy days .


Eat Drink KL, everyone’s go-to-restaurant reference guide has now its’ own app. Customers share their photos online and rceive a 6% discount on their order. Chosen charities get a donation from all orders through the app.

For take-away orders you can try Food Panda’s app.


Online food deliveries have been making life easier for all of us for some time now. Many services have now introduced apps, such as HappyFresh – a handy tool that is almost like having a personal shopper at your favourite supermarket. It promises to solve the typical shortcomings of the online grocery shopping.

Staple of home deliveries, Tesco, has app, as does the local online giant Zalora.

Carousell is the net step up from the Facebook selling groups: snap a picture of your goods, post it and hopefully you’ll make a deal soon. Think of it as an eBay app.

While not an app, is a useful online marketplace for errands and deliveries. It connects people who need help to run errands with those who have the free time to do this.

I am not very tech savvy so do share if you know of other live-changing apps?

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  1. As for food delivery I would definitely add ‘HappyFresh’ to your list. They deliver groceries from local supermarkets to your doorstep. If you type in “ADdHj” when checking out on your first order, you get one month of free delivery.

    • Great addition! I live just outside of their delivery area but am looking forward to getting to try this one!

  2. I recently moved, here are a few apps I find really useful.
    1. 1 Utama, that mall is really a maze! The app really guides and helps plan one’s visit.
    2. Being a vegetarian in Malaysia, quite a pain., not only lists but also has offers/deals at restaurants all over.
    3. Time Out app is useful to keep oneself updated on all the happenings in the city.

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