There Is a Mermaid in the Pool


My daughter’s birthday present this year may have been the best one ever. At least it has attracted more attention than any other toy in the swimming pools around town. This fantastic piece of equipment was spotted by a friend online, and they bought it for their little girl. Soon it was on the birthday list of all the other girls in the neighbourhood – what little girl doesn’t want a mermaid tail!?

mermaid tail 3

The outfit consists of two parts: the sock-like mermaid tail and the monofin. The monofin doubles as an exercise aid perfect for practicing strength and the butterfly kick. It actually makes them swim pretty fast!

mermaid tail 1
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The mermaid tail by Finfun is available on Amazon and comes in a variety of colours. You can also buy the fin separately (my six-year-old son enjoys his as well) and little boys might enjoy the shark set to go with the fin:

The fin is very light and flexible compared to standard flippers. According to the manufacturer the buoyancy of the neoprene cover compensates for the weight of the monofin making it feel light in the water. Maybe because of this the motion looks very realistic in the water – the two mermaids in our pool now are mesmerising!

mermaid tail 5

Like any toy that is used in the pool, you need to be a bit careful with the mermaid tail. The child should be a confident swimmer and be comfortable swimming under water in the deep end of the pool. An adult should definitely be on stand-by when trying the fin on for the first time – it may come as a shock for the kids that they can’t stay on the surface as easily as normally.

After they get used to the dolphin kick, it’s easy and they can remove the fin in the water if they are in trouble, because the bottom of the mermaid tail is open.

The same company makes mermaid outfits for toddlers without the fin, this way their legs remain free for swimming.

mermaid tail 4

Any size feet will fit into the flipper comfortably and it makes me feel a lot better that this quite an expensive pool toy can be used for a few years! They do come in adult sizes as well – my husband is itching to try it on but maybe not quite enough to buy one of his own…

mermaid tail 2

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