Snookball – When football meets snooker


We were invited recently to an 8th birthday party at Evolve Concept Mall. Great, just what we need  – another new mall in MALL-Asia, I thought. But I was in for a surprise.


The party was at Snook on the 3rd floor, boasting the latest activity in town. I have no idea what to call this new activity – snooking? snookballing? Definitely a new instagram #hashtag there!  Basically, it is snooker played like football! When you release a bunch of 6-10-year olds on the snook table, you will realise that it is actually very clever. The objective is to see who can net all their balls first.


I realised that this game is like a dream come true for many kids – and adults too – because you get to combine two fabulous games!  Spacious and fully air-conditioned, Snook turns out to be fantastic fun for the family.  It was a blazing hot afternoon but we were having a cool time indoors.  Socks can be bought and shoe rental is at RM3 a person – similar to most bowling alleys. Moms and dads can join in the fun, and in our case, they couldn’t get enough so just took a table of their own!


Snook also functions as  a well-thought space for parties and events. There’s enough place for everyone and food was good. There was no coffee but I suppose one can’t have everything! If you have tried the same ole, same ole birthday venues in KL, this is definitely something different to consider. The mom who organised this party was similarly looking all over before she found Snook that fit all her criteria – soccer and games, no cleaning involved and you can just turn up with the cake. Perfect solution.

Parking is a breeze and while the children play, you can even sneak a few minutes to go to H&M! On your way out, if you are still hungry, you can stop at Evolve Concept Mall’s food court called Foodzine, surely one of the most stylish food courts in KL. We didn’t manage to sample the food but do let us know if you have.

What did the young party goers think? ‘Fantastic-  another place to test our football skills’. ‘’ ‘Indoor football is amazing’. ‘Very, very cool’.

Prices :

Off peak hours :RM28 /per hour per table

Peak hours:RM36/per hour per table

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