Party by the pool – Barbapapas and balloons


Start of the term has brought the birthdays upon us after a few months’ lull. When it was our turn we wanted to spare our friends from the noisy indoor playgrounds and soggy fries and ourselves from a project involving complicated logistics and zero enjoyment. Luckily we managed to convince our to-be 4-year old (again) that she wanted a pool party with only the friends she regularly plays with (and those that mum and dad do).

birthday party by the pool balloons

Since the birthday girl is into arts and crafts, with little help from Pinterest we engineered an easy craft activity that consisted of garden stones (bought in Sungai Buloh for 10 Rm for a sack of 20 kg), paints and a black marker. It would have been smart to buy washable paints but hey, you just can’t think of everything.

birthday party by the pool

The kids took it more like painting Easter eggs (mental note to save the remaining 15 kilos of stones for Easter) and did not share my artistic vision of oh-so-seventies Barbapapas but at least they had fun and covered themselves in (the non-washable) paint.

Painting barbapas

To cut down on cooking, we ordered some Vietnamese baguettes and fresh spring rolls from a restaurant nearby for the adults while the kids were more than happy with hot dogs.

The otherwise serene party atmosphere was disrupted only when the birthday girl realised there was ONLY BOOKS in the party bags – as she put it with a piercing howl. Here I was, with my fantastically self-righteous anti- party-gifts agenda. Luckily I hadn’t been a complete idiot and had slipped in a few sweets and managed to avert the catastrophe.

I’m thinking now is a perfectly good time to start talking about party ideas that you can do when you turn five: maybe a day out in a craft workshop, cooking school or cinema. Lovely activities – with minimum parental involvement.

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  1. […] 4. Think about an eco party bag. No plastic trash, no unnecessary toys. We’ve put together a list of ideas to put in the bag. I particularly like the idea of books – think ahead when the book sales are on and stock up on those 2-5 RM books for a party bag that lasts after the birthday. With older kids you may need to consult the start of the day to avoid disappointment, as happened to one of us. […]

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