Chalk t-shirts and stickers by Chalkapella


When looking for a chalk board stickers I bumped into CHALKapella, a brand new company that not only sells the vinyl sticker that I was looking for by the rolls, but has also developed a unique chalk t-shirt. As you may remember, I have a budding artist in the family so I was intrigued. Especially when some time ago I let the kids free with white t-shirts and textile pens and those pieces became their favourites.

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The t-shirts are great for creative young minds since they can be re-designed as many times as it takes. The thinking behind the idea is that kids can be designers themselves and get confidence in wearing their own creations rather than following trends and brands.

I was surprised to find out that the black board part of the shirt is soft cotton mix material, not stiff and plasticky as I was expecting for some reason. The packaging is pretty and makes a wonderful present, I’d say. After washing the shirt in the washing machine you can start all over.

chalkapella package

The shirts are also great for events and parties, and are marketed to companies and schools, too. For every corporate order the same amount of shirts will be donated to charity. The 1 for 1 campaign is extended to all purchases in December so for every shirt purchased, another is donated to refugee kids through a Chin refugee organisation in KL. The shirts are priced at RM 79 for kids and RM 89 for adults.

chalk art

Now the chalk board sticker proved to be a hit, too. It is thick and fairly easy to put on – takes me back to the days of covering school books. According to the instructions it should be reusable if you ever want to move it elsewhere. The chalks are a bit different to normal chalks, there is hardly any dust and they don’t smudge easily. Thanks to the non-smudge quality, wiping it clean Is not as easy as with normal chalk board – Chalkapella recommends wiping it with a dash of cooking or olive oil. My fridge door was swiftly transformed into a menu (that may say something about my eating habits!) and consequently instructions for Santa regarding presents.

chalk board sticker

I can see multiple uses for the sticker in labels and multi-use decoration perfect in country with a festival for every month of the year. Kids are already planning a sign on their door (that says stay away, mum – naturally) and I am dreaming of labeling the toy boxes. That may remain a dream, of course.


This is a sponsored post, we received the t-shirts free for review.


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