Dining in the dark


I remember people raving about Dining in the Dark experience but I shuddered at the idea of not seeing my food – that sounded like a waste of a good meal, really. When a friend invited us to give it a go for his birthday, I decided to get off my high horse and – obviously – had a fantastic night out!


At arrival we were welcomed with a blind fold and a few exercises to test our senses – and a good first lesson on how the simplest things get quite tricky when you loose one of them.

Now there are no photos since it is pitch black inside and anything with light is locked away before entering the restaurant. We were giddy as we were led into the darkness like a train of preschoolers by our blind waiter. We were seated and told what was on the table in front of us. Drinks were ordered, wine was poured and a toast was made – in total darkness.

While waiting for our food we were highly entertained by most immature humour.  When the food arrived the guessing game started. Asparagus? Mushroom? Definitely a vegetable. What’s this slimy one? The portions are divided in easy little cups – but I wouldn’t recommend wearing a white shirt.

While not spectacular, the food was good – and actually I am sure it would have tasted a whole lot better had I seen it! Afterwords you are asked to guess what you had and the real menu is revealed.

We had a fun, very different night out and would recommend it to anyone looking to do something a bit different with a group of friends and family. While not suitable for little ones, I imagine teenagers would enjoy it. It’s also a great way to think about how much we need our senses and get a glimpse into what it’s like to live without one.

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    • Yes, and on quite different things as you would normally – like the texture and smell of the food. It is surprisingly difficult to recognise the ingredients without seeing!

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