YEEHAA! – A simple sock horse


As my belly is getting bigger (I mean the baby!), I’m sort of getting more stuck at the house than I’m used to. So I am glad to have the perfect hobby for being 8 months pregnant: crafting and sewing. My kids won’t let me during the day, but I try to do a bit when I have a moment to myself.

This is something I’d love to share with you: a simple hobby-horse. I made the one below as a birth gift for my sweet little niece, who is already two years old now. After this I made one for my daughter and one for her friend. It’s a nice gift and you can make it the way you like with some imagination. horse4

This is what you need:

  • (Old) sock. I used a woolen sock, but I don’t think it’s easy to find one of those here. You can use any sock (dots, stripes or just one color)
  • Wool yarn for the mane
  • Filling
  • Two colors of buttons (one smaller than the other) – you need two of both. There is a nice button shop in China Town called Dexon. I don’t know why, but I always love to shop for buttons…
  • Felt for the reins and the ears. You can also use fake leather or a rope for the reins. You can find cheap felt in Daiso. For this craft, the quality of the Daiso felt is fine enough.
  • Fabrics for the ears.
  • Cotton thread
  • String or rope to close the sock.
  • Broom stick
  • Needles of different sizes

First I filled the sock and closed the gap with a rope. Then I started to put on the mane. I used a big needle and started at the front (his forehead). I used the heel of the sock as my starting point. Just push the yarn or string through the sock with a needle and tie it. I used two colors of wool, grey and purple, alternately.


After I made the mane, I started sewing the ears. I used felt for the back and fabric for the front. Just draw a triangle (around 10 cm each side) and cut it out of the fabric and felt.  Place the parts back-to-back. Then sew the two sides that will be on top. Fold the inside back to the outside and sew the underside. Attach the ears with needle and thread by hand on the sock. I attached them on three points, as you can see on the picture.

When the ears are finished, attach the eyes with needle and thread. Put two nice buttons on each other and choose a color of thread that pleases your eye.  Putting the eyes on the right place is very important for the character of the horse, so take time to think about how to place them.


I embroidered the mouth and the nose. I put the thread through the sock and pulled a bit, to give the horse gets a nice smile. You have to try it out, because it comes out differently every time.

The reins I made from felt. But like I said, you can use a string or ribbon. Don’t make them too long, it might be dangerous when the kids start playing with it.

Almost finished now. Cut the broomstick to the correct length (not too long, because then you get dents in your kitchen cabinets). Put the broom into the sock and secure it with a strong rope by tying it tightly around the sock and stick.

Good luck with your horse!  It would be great to hear how it turned out (and I would love pictures!)…

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