Weekend Breakfast Favorites


One of our indulgences as a family is our weekend breakfasts out. It’s a double treat for me because it means that I get a break from kitchen/cook duties and I get to share the table with all the family – three hungry children – as we so rarely do on weekdays with Hubby often working overtime.

As our children are now at that age where they are happy to doodle while waiting for their food, having a play area isn’t a must for us. However, breakfast options must include: fresh fruit for when we’re feeling virtuous, properly cooked eggs as required by the dish, fluffy pancakes and real sausages, not hotdogs.

Here are our weekend breakfast places, some which we frequent more than others so much that they have earned nicknames, along with our menu favorites:

1. Alexis (aka the “Rosti Place”) in Bangsar Shopping Centre
Parents’ Picks: The Wellness Set which consists of muesli + fresh fruit with honey & yogurt + fresh O.J. + coffee as well as the avocado mash on toast.
Kids Love: The rosti potatoes with less-than-stellar turkey ham and waffles (tho flat compared to Frisky Goat’s).


2. Yeast Bistronomy (aka the “Eggs & Soldiers Place”) along Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar
Parents’ Picks: Baked eggs (Oeufs Cocotte) & the bread (oh, the bread!). Eggs Benedict with salmon. Not in the mood for eggs? I ask for some Ficelle with a side order of their creamed spinach – delicious!
Kids Love: Croissants and pain au chocolat. As well the Oeufs a la Coque which is basically “eggs and soldiers”, consistently perfectly soft-boiled with brioche fingers for dipping. Yum!

Photos from Yeast’s Facebook Page

3. Antipodean (aka “Tom & Jerry’s”) in Menara Tan & Tan, Jalan Tun Razak, KL
Parents’ Picks: Big (greasy) Breakfast and the rosemary marmalade feta on toast with bacon. Paired and shared with a huge bowl of fresh fruit with yogurt, honey & mint, feels less gluttonous.
Kids Love:   Porridge with bananas & honey (nothing you can’t do at home, really, but it just seems more of a treat when eaten at a restaurant) & the banana pancakes with butterscotch sauce which are rather dense but tasty.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the nickname, it comes from the Tom & Jerry cartoons often shown on the TV in the little play area they have at the café.

Photos by @cesguerrero

4. Blue Cow in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas
Parents’ Picks: A greasy helping of Bacon, Eggs & Toast – with a note to cook the bacon till crisp and a striped bag of their butchery’s quality meats and sausages.
Kids Love:  Pancakes, pancakes and more of those fluffy, large-as-a-salad-plate pancakes, please!

Blue Cow

5. Red Beanbag in Publika
Parents’ Picks: the Bircher muesli, the delectable almond-crusted french toast & their coffee.
Kids Love:  the Skyscraper with its stack of fluffy pancakes, strawberries and caramelized bananas is often shared among the girls while the RBB’s Eggs Benedict is our growing boy’s favorite. Smooshies are a must as well.

red beanbag

6. Frisky Goat in TTDI
Parents’ Picks: the chunky Eggs en Cocotte is a filling option with its chunks of sausage which dominates this traditionally egg-centered dish and their milky lattes with cute foam art.
Kids Love:  the waffles! One of the few places we have found where our children can have light, crispy waffles with honey & their kitschy decor.

Frisky goat TTDI
Written by Marite Irvine

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