Waterpainting is sooo easy


This will be my first post. Not the most creative one, probably, but this is an idea that is accessible for everyone. And the good thing is that it is great to do together with your kids. While you are making your own artwork, the kids can make theirs, or you can do it together. I love crafting with my kids. It stimulates their fantasy, they can develop their fine motor skills and use their sensory motor skills (although I’m not always happy when they paint the walls, floors and themselves). This is something sooo easy to do and most of the time, you’ll have a nice result. The only trap is though, that it might get unorganized if you don’t prepare well. So take your time.

What you need:

  • Thick paper or cardboard to paint on. Special paper for watercolors is even better
  • Stanley knife and a mat
  • (Used) paper to cut out your letters or figures
  • Scotch tape
  • Standard watercolors and brushes
  • Punches (you can by cheap ones at Daiso)
  • Rubber stamps



Cut out your name or figure. You can also print it with a specific letter type.



I’ve used a few punches too.


I’ve taped the paper on the cardboard. Before I used the tape on the cardboard I taped it on my t-shirt a few times, so it doesn’t stick too hard on the paper and it will be easy to get it off.

This is the result of painting with my kids for a friend’s birthday:


And this is the result of the cards I made for my friends’ newborn babies:


This is an activity that is very easy to do together with your kids – or just make a fancy poster or postcard by yourself! Don’t forget it will be Father’s Day this coming Sunday, so this might be a nice idea!! By the way, if you use crayons (like Wasco), under the watercolors, you will get an amazing effect too… try it!

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