The 5 Best Hari Raya Adverts in 2017


Whether you are stuck in traffic or KLIA2 immigration queue or happily put in your Raya destination, it’s a perfect time to get into the mood by watching the handiwork of Malaysian creative industry: the Raya short films and adverts. We spent a good while going through this year’s candidates and here are our four favourites. Selamat Hari Raya!

1. Hypp Inspirasi

Hypp TV’s is a clever take on settling your differences for the festive season. Two brothers fall out because they fancy the same girl – the final twist is hilarious.

2. Astro

Astro has done well between tear-jerking and bearable amount of emotion. The short film is the true story of the father who started the Autism Café Project.

3. BSN

BSN’s “Selamat-kan Hari Raya” falls into the category we call “1 Malaysia adverts”. It is a story of two friends – Raj Singham and Chong – who become neighbourhood vigilantes while everyone else is away for the festivities.

4. KFC

This clip falls firmly in the “soppy festival genre” with a sparkle of hope. Points for the colours and the joyful undertone.

5. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines has put a lot of effort into this one: beautiful scenes from countries across Asia celebrating Eid. We recently visited Xian and loved seeing that beautiful city featured in the ad. This one wins the “Traveller’s choise” =)


6. Maxis

Wyang Sayang is a beautiful clip that balances nicely between the past and present Malaysia, and shows a side of a marriage that is not often portrayed in the festive adverts.

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