Raya Activities for Kids in KL

Hari Raya is about spending time with the family, but if you find yourself in the city without plans, there are a few things happening in the malls. Some have cultural programme and many run suitably themed crafts workshops for kids. Festive Perfomances at the … Continue reading

Playgroups in KL

Playgroups can save lives, really! If you need company and somewhere safe and fun to let the tiny humans get used to other tiny humans, you need a playgroup. By playgroup we mean generally a place where toddlers can play in a safe environment with a parent - who can have a normal adult chat if … Continue reading

Kids’ Easter events in KL

We normally hide Easter eggs in the garden but it leads to a lot of melted chocolate. If you want to outsource the bunnies and eggs, head over to the malls this weekend. Here are some highlights of Easter activities for kids in KL this year: The School A Rabbit Petting Zoo in … Continue reading