Stop wasting food – 4 tips to save fruit and veg


I do my big shopping once a week. For me that means going to the wet market here in KL. It’s one of my small solutions to organise life that is chaotic and busy during the week. But buying a load of fresh fruit and veggies at one go I always end up throwing lots of it in the bin rotten or really overripe. And I hate throwing food away. It makes me feel like I’m breaking the most basic process of the earth. I wish I could compost my waste but living in the tropics with a small garden, that doesn’t sound like a good idea. We’d like to maintain good relationship with the neighbours.

chow kit fruit scale and melons

While I was doing my own research how to spoil less food I realized there is so much I can do – way too much to share in one post actually. But for now, I would love to share these few steps with you:

1. Know how to store your fruit and veggies. Some keep longer wrapped in plastic, some in paper bags and so on.

2. If your fruits are overripe, you can still use them in deserts, smoothies, sauces and pancakes. And as my monkeys eat a lot of banana’s, here are some ideas for overripe banana’s.

3. I like fresh fruit the best, but you can easily freeze them. This is a great list of how to freeze them if it is stating to look like you can’t use them all up! And again the banana’s… you can freeze them too and use them for smoothies.

4. And if you really want to go for it, you CAN! Canning is a great way to preserve your food! My mum always used to do it. It works great, but it takes time.

Hope this inspires you to prevent wasting food. For your wallet and for our earth!

Good luck!!

chilis at the wet market

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