Shopping and lunching in Damansara Hights


*edit: the shops at Jalan Batai have had a major revamp and Hock Lee’s has closed down. Allison’s place and Sitka are still open.

Not often there are mornings when you are in no hurry and neither are your friends. On such a morning you better head to a place that has good coffee and beautiful things you could potentially purchase. On this particular morning we headed to Damansara Heights. We started off in Sitka, latest entry to the small shopping complex in Jalan Batai. Well actually, my friends are always late not as punctual as myself hence I had a good look at Allison’s Place (plenty of Halloween and Christmas stuff) and bought some lovely herbs from the flower shop next to Hock Lee’s.

At 10.30 they were out of many things on the breakfast menu but the coffee was nice. I will definitely give it another go at lunchtime since the whole “farm to table” concept appeals to me no end and the menu has sparked some fantastic reviews.

A short drive away at Plaza Damansara, a few stops worth making are the airy Mollydooker’s cafe and KitaKita, an upscale gift store with a small but high quality selection of Malaysian crafts.

Have you got favourite spots or shops around Damansara Heights?

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  1. […] It does look like Bukit Damansara is becoming the neighbourhood for the chic and stylish. Revamp of the Jalan Batai shops has already brought in a few new and promising looking restaurants and cafés and more are to open. Allison’s place has taken on new brands like the Batik Boutique and has extended to a bungalow across the road, bursting with great furniture. Read more of our favourite shopping spots in Bukit Damansara. […]

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