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Where I come from families with young children spend half of their life at the playground. Pushing swings, making sand cakes, you know the drill. Here we are blessed with easy access to swimming pools, which is hands down much more gracious pastime with the added bonus of staying cool. However, when I wake up to a rare overcast weekend morning, I have an obsessive need to take them to a playground for “fresh air”. There must be some genetic code that says children need to run around in open air and get as dirty as possible to be able to develop into sensible people.

Science centre playground KL overview

There are many nice playgrounds around, that have been listed here and here. Another all time favourite that has all the right elements for messy play (sand, water, grass) is the TTDI park with s stream running through. This time we headed to the National Science Centre in the hope that the playground would have been opened after some renovation. It had indeed, but the equipment seemed to be the same and the water as green as usual.  The tiny humans don’t mind green water and managed to negotiate a quick visit to the science centre as an added bonus.

Science centre playground KL

After a bit too much of science and excitement the adults were in desperate need of coffee. Podgy and the Banker is an exceptionally light and airy cafe in Sri Hartamas, a stone’s throw away from the Science Centre. Parking is a breeze and the all day breakfast style menu has enough options for everyone.

podgy and the banker outside

Maybe it is a Saturday thing, but the cafe was packed and with a few large parties it was noisy even for our standards. The industrial chic that is so trendy at the moment (is it illegal to have soft furnishing in cafés?) does mean that most cafés are acoustical nightmares if there are more than two customers at the same time. We did, however, enjoy our lunch and I will definitely be back here for some quiet morning coffees.

podgy and the banker trendy interior


National Science Centre
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
Persiaran Bukit Kiara
50662 Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Saturday to Thursday (9:00 am – 5:00 pm).
Closed on Friday.
Fees: Adults 6 Rm, kids 6-12 3 Rm. Outdoor playground is free.

Podgy and the Banker
2 Jalan Sri Hartamas 8
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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