Picnicking at the TTDI park


These days it feels like there are only rainy days and hazy days. Again we made use of the overcast morning and headed out to TTDI park. The water in the stream is now waist deep for the tiny humans – we realised when we had a bunch of kids soaking up to their waists.

picnic food in TTDI stream 2

The simpler the better, always works.

picnic food in TTDI stream

This little beauty was the first wildlife we spotted. Soon after came the monkeys.

picnic in TTDI stream dragonfly 2

Normally the park is bustling but this time we experienced an eery moment: everybody else had left the park soon after midday and as for some unwritten rule the monkeys came out from all corners of the park to enjoy a picnic of their own.

ttdi monkeys ttdi park playground

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