Best party bag fillers and where to get them from


You know those little bags filled with sweets, MSG impregnated salty snacks and plastic nonsense toys that at their worse make you deaf already in the car on the way home from the party? Party bags! Their content seems vary from harmless to annoying and of course in some cases, extravagant (we are NOT talking about fancy dress outfits or Disney themed backpacks for all 200 guests here). Sometimes that little devilish bag seems more important the occasion. When in my deprived childhood it was a liquorice bar and a mandarin if you were lucky.

We have come across some great ideas for party bags, that won’t cost any more than the usual suspects and are much more fun – not to mention healthy and sustainable. Here are three:

1. Books

Who can argue against books? The Big Bad Wolf Sale that happens every year around November time is the best place for bargains, but BookExess (the force behind the sale) at Amcorp Mall has great prices throughout the year.


Best party bag fillers and where to get them Books

2. Potted plants

Our little gardeners have managed to keep them alive for months. The secret must be no watering and absolutely no attention. Best place to start looking is Sungai Buloh, where the nurseries line the road leading to Subang airport.

Best party bag fillers and where to get them Flower Pots

3. DIY kits

Crafty sets will buy you some quiet minutes. What parent would not prefer that over a whistle? Start looking at Mr DIY or Fun ‘n Cheer. Daiso and the other Japanese five ringgit stores sometimes also have a good selection of stationary items but you can get stickers for less than 5 Rm elsewhere!

Best party bag fillers and where to get them Crafts

Have you got great ideas? Please do share in the comment box!

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  1. Try Playcentre Library Association for the best children’s library PJ has adult books too,so a family affair.Or join story time at DBKL TTDI library every 2nd & 4th Sunday 11.30am. Puss in Boots is on at PJ Live Arts this weekend

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