Organic food in KL


Maybe because farmer’s blood is running through my veins, I love food that comes directly from the soil. Organic food has become more popular all over the world and I was glad to find it widely available in Kuala Lumpur. I believe organic food is better for your health: it contains fewer pesticides and organically raised animals are not given antibiotics or growth hormones. In addition it is GMO free. Organic farming is better for the environment too!

Although I am not sure how strictly the organic label is monitored here, a lot of grocery stores in Kuala Lumpur stock a good a range of organic produce, both local and imported. Major supermarkets have a wide range of organic products, such as Clearspring and Country Farm Organics.

organic food in KL

Buying organic food online in KL

If you don’t have time for physical shopping, there are many online shops. You may want to try to order a big amount or order together with a neighbor, so it will be worth the packing and the sending. These are some of my favourites:

  • Organic 2 u is an online shop of BMS organics.
  • At Justlife, besides food, you can buy health and well being products,  baby and care products, personal care or lifestyle stuff.
  • Cool shop and restaurant called Opika in One Utama Shopping Mall. They also have an online store. I recommend you visit, though!
  • Alive stock several products, included baby-products and personal care products.
  • Green Apple stock functional foods and rare organic foods. I haven’t tested it yet – I hardly know what all those products are!

bananas and papayas

Buying organic meat in KL

We’ve been trying to eat less meat already for a few years. The meat we do eat, I try to buy good organic, but this is where I struggle here in KL. At least I know this:

This is what I have discovered so far in trying to shop for organic food in KL! Any other suggestions are welcome!

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