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It’s the time of the year when you are meant to be healthier, sportier, leaner (and start studying) but what to do when you find all reasonable exercise options deadly boring? My only excuse is pure laziness but when you get to a certain age you need to get those old bones moving to prevent turning into that hunchback dude from France.

My first attempt at this was swimming. The problem with swimming (other than the panda circles around your eyes from the goggles) is that it’s pretty much as exiting as staring at the wall. I can keep the laps going for barely 5 minutes before I cave in for the call of the sun lounger, a good book and a nap.

swimming pool

It took me a while to understand the ingenuousness of the guy on the next lane swimming with an iPad tied to his head with a sweat band (I’m not joking!). After investing in a waterproof mp3 player I have managed to stretch my laps to last one episode of my favourite podcast. I know, I should say I have some cool tunes in there but I am a sad old fogey.

But even the podcast doesn’t make swimming exactly fun and give you that winner feeling after a hard workout. So I was intrigued when a sporty, healthy friend raved about Jump Aerobics. Jumpstreet is one of the favourite hangouts for my kids, but I have mostly concentrated on stopping them being jumped on or sipping lattes in the cafe. So I swallowed my fear of non-existing pelvic floor muscles and joined a class. And it was not boring, anything but!

Based on my previous visits with the kids I was worried I would end in cardiac arrest if I had to jump for an hour, but luckily the core class had regular breaks for light muscle work and stretching. The instructor was cheerful and very encouraging – I think I’m as far away from the jumping splits as a sea lion but he was very good at adjusting the combos to people’s skills. For 25 Rm and a no need to book it’s a great, accessible exercise. This would be great family class as well, and there are classes on weekends, too.

I think there is a whole new world of non-boring exercise out there. I imagine fly yoga could be another one – maybe inspired by my widened horizons I’ll start going through this list.

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