Kids’ films with a message – perfect for hazy days


Normally I don’t want my kids to watch TV during the day. There are so many toys, there are enough friends to play with and you can easily go to the playground. Until the haze hits you again! After one day of entertaining the kids inside the house, I was desperately looking for other activities to keep them happy (criteria: not too complex, doesn’t cause too much mess and gives me some quiet time). Then I realised that the haze might be a good excuse for a “film with a message -afternoon”.

This haze is awful. It’s bad for our health, we can’t go outside and it looks depressing. So isn’t this the right moment to show our kids that this horrible stuff is caused by us humans. And it’s definitely time to do something about that, starting with ourselves!


So we built a cinema in the house, made pop-corn and have now watched a bunch of movies. These are the some films that not only keep the little ones happy indoors but also carry a message:

1. Wall-E

3. Over the hedge

4. Free Willy

5. For kids older than 10, Avatar is a movie about the poisonous environment.

5. These films by Disney Nature are stunning – although they are not about environmental issues, but still beautiful.

6. Happy feet

This is a link to blogger who collected 29 incredible nature documentaries for kids. I’m sure there are more amazing and breathtaking documentaries, this is as far as I got! Feel free to add to the list.



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  1. Watch Dr Seuss’ Original Lorax animated TV special from 1972…just like the book. its a heartbreaking story with a wonderful message.

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