Brad Pitt & The Mummy Wars


Brad's Babes

What is it with Brad Pitt and women?

You would think we marrieds and mothers would completely shake him off our system given our daily concerns. I suppose we have for the most part until he comes rearing his pretty head back into our consciousness with stories about how he got all creative with his kids for Mother’s Day (SERIOUSLY?).

And if it’s not about him on our screens. It’s about his women.

Take the recent controversy about Gwyneth Paltrow’s comment that having a regular job is not as challenging as being on set. Unsurprisingly, it set the internet and Mum blogosphere on fire for a while with a lot of virtual tongues clucking and fingers wagging, especially and understandably among working mothers.

In swoops Angelina Jolie with a statement that women in a position of having help at their disposal shouldn’t complain given the majority of mothers who really struggle and don’t have the financial means or support. Ooooh. That must have hurt, Gwynnie. It’s the sort of statement she makes that has shifted the perception of Angelina Jolie from home-wrecker to home-maker.

I have to say, the virtual tennis match between Team Angelina and Team Gwyneth fascinated me for a night or 2 of surfing time (hmmmm too much time on my hands?). Then I realized: this is getting crazy, all these battling opinions on motherhood. Regardless of whether her comments were taken out of context or not, I do agree with Gwyneth’s views on the Mummy Wars.

And so, I decided to go brainless and click on a more entertaining link: Brad Pitt jamming with Bruno Mars to a James Brown tune! Now that was a good use of surfing time!


Just curious: does Angelina Jolie’s statement apply to you as a Mum living in a Southeast Asian country where help is relatively accessible (i.e. do you think you shouldn’t complain)? And what’s your take on the Mummy Wars? And most importantly…ummm…is Brad Pitt passé?


Written by Marite Irvine

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