Blocks and robots for kids in KL


I often feel the kids here have more hobbies than an average adult. There are classes for things that you could easily do at home – it’s almost like outsourcing playtime. But many of them are actually very cool and if the kids love them, why not!

If you have Lego or building fanatics at home you might like these kids’ workshops in KL, that are our favourites. To be honest the building stuff is the one area that I am quite happy to outsource!


The concept is ridiculously simple but it works: kids get to choose a Lego set and – surprise – build it. It may seem silly to pay money for the kids to do something they can do at home but most kids I know love Blokspace. If your child is old enough to stay on their own the parents can have a some me-time.

We have even had a few birthdays there and I have to say I have never seen a bunch of six-year-olds sit so still for two hours straight.

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Bricks4kidz takes the Lego building to another level by combining building with learning about different topics on regular classes. Again I wondered how useful the classes can be, but they make stuff that couldn’t be made at home, like use batteries to do moving things with mechanics. A lot of emphasis is put on learning (think Lego meets science), but the kids can choose a different versions of the same activity depending on their skills and level of ambition.


Robotics Learning

We have not yet tested the Robotics Learning at the School in Jaya One but have peered through the windows on several occasions with a certain first grader itching to get his hands onto those robots. Looks like a great introduction to science in a fun way!

Creative minds is another place that I’ve heard recommended but Cheras is far from me so haven’t yet checked it out. Let us know if you have!

The Lego website has building instructions in case you need inspiration at home – or have lost the instructions.

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