Best CNY adverts of 2016


Last year we wrote about TV commercials and how they are a great way of getting a glimpse into the culture. Now that the Chinese New Year is coming to end, it’s a perfect time to recap some of this year’s best ads. Maybe thanks to the gloomy economy there seems to be fewer of glam CNY clips this year, but these have caught our eye:

Alliance Bank’s is like a mini documentary of the traditions of CNY:

Astro keeps it safe with nostalgic yet light-hearted references to spending quality time with family and friends:

Malaysian Airlines takes a different view and brings us a CNY of a busy urban couple:

And Petronas, beacon of festival advertising in Malaysia (they even held an exhibition on the past adverts) never fails to produce a heart breaking clip:

BSN Bank’s short film Pengacau Raya Cina is a humorous tale in the spirit of 1Malaysia and Meet the Fockers:

And lastly, “Be Home Early This Year” by Eu Yan Sang – another beautiful short film on the power of traditions:

And it’s still possible to catch a lion dance, see our list of places to see them here.

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