At Last: A Safer Alternative to YouTube


We’ve read, heard of or experienced first-hand children accidentally coming across undesirable videos on YouTube. If, like me, you worry about kids meandering through those YouTube video tabs, check out this fabulous digital discovery: Sprog Tube!

sprog-tube is a new portal for child-friendly, safe-search videos developed by a British dad who was worried about his son randomly clicking on YouTube content and landing on something malicious or harmful. He wanted to provide an alternative that didn’t entail his constant supervision and still provided the kind of videos his child enjoyed. With Sprog Tube, he feels he can even restrict access to YouTube altogether while his child is online.

I’ve roadtested the site and I’m happy to report that it definitely allows me to breathe easy when my kids are allowed their “screen time”. I would say that it caters to kids from toddlerhood to tweens with all interest categories covered.

2014-10-27 09.56.38 pm

Videos run the gamut from Thomas & Friends to Art Attack to Minecraft. There are even some music videos thrown in that will please both One Direction & Foo Fighters fans! (I have to admit, though, that I’m not too keen on those Sponge Bob vids being there).

2014-10-27 09.55.32 pm

Sprog Tube’s content is hosted by YouTube and uploaded by users of YouTube. They are all vetted by parents, presumably within the developer’s circle, so it’s not as bottomless a resource as YouTube. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a means for the rest of us to upload our preferred videos but if your kids are not heavy YouTube users, this seems to do the trick.

If you have other tips on how to make video-watching online a safer pastime, drop us a note on the comments below. We’d appreciate the help!

Written by Marite Irvine

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  1. We’re so very happy is being received well. Noah and I worked very hard on the project over the summer. We have roped in some other parents and children to help and will be continually improving the sprogtube experience. Thank you for the positive coverage and keep up the good work!


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