10 Great Christmas present ideas for kids


Now you may have looked through our list of Christmas presents that are not toys – yey! – but let’s face it, the kiddos still expect a few old-fashioned hard packets under the tree. Like all parents we scratch our heads with this each year, and to make your life a bit easier, here is what we have narrowed down for this year – scroll down for the links:



1. Osmo play system for the iPad kid ( aren’t they all?)

I have accepted the existence of technology in my kids’ lives (ommm) – and am on my way to embracing it fully. Hence this award-winning set will be under the tree this year. Osmo sounds like it will make iPad time more than just playing games: the interactive set sounds like fun, and it’s advertised with words like “foster social intelligence and creative thinking” and “reflective artificial intelligence” – I don’t understand any of it but the video sold it to me:

2. Kano computer for the techie kid

We got this last year for my then 7-year-old. While he may have been a tad young at the time, he really enjoyed putting his own computer together with dad (dad really enjoyed it) – learning hands-on how computers work. The exercises that follow teach them logical thinking and basics of coding. We are also reading the Hello Ruby coding book to get more into the world of coding.

3. Waterproof camera for the photojournalist

These affordable Nikon waterproof cameras are great to take along on trips or just to the pool. Kids of all ages enjoy taking photos and videos and they are surprisingly durable: ours dropped into the pool with the battery case lid open but after a long drying session is still going strong!

4. For crafty kids and the Masterchef kid

Some children have an insatiable appetite for crafts and the creations fill every corner of the house (speaking from personal experience). In such cases it’s a bonus is the sets are both affordable and look nice – I’ll be clicking these Loopdeloop weaving kit  and Yarn tree set into my virtual shopping basket. Dream Catcher necklace.

For the Masterchef wannabe kid, there are lots of cute cookie cutters and little rolling pins at Aino.

5. Scooters and trikes for all kids, really

Scooters are great for every age! It’s a good idea to invest a bit more into a good quality one if you are planning to use it a lot and for a number of years. Microscooters are a must for the younger ones. We got a next size up from Decathlon some time ago and it also seems pretty durable – also strong enough for mum and dad to scoot over to the shops.

This Radio Flyer pedal scoot is a bit more nimble than the classic big trike, and suitable for even the youngest of trikers.

6. Lego Blocks for a few hours of parental peace

Not the most original idea but really useful! They tend to get the exciting sets for special occasions but when it comes to free building, it’s the basic blocks you need.

7. Family games

What better way to spend good old family time over the holidays. Spot it is a great one, where kids often beat the adults – also great for travelling. Junior versions of the classics work for the young ones, and the educational Snap games are good for playing with a purpose. Snakes and ladders is one of those classics that is not too tedious for the parents and not too long either.

8. Lost My Name books

Read our review of the Lost My Name books here – these are gorgeous books with your child in the centre of the story. It may be late to get the free delivery to Malaysia, but it’s a fantastic idea to send to family and friends in Europe or US – order online and have it delivered to their doorstep.

9. Racquets, balls and more for the sporty kids

My kids have six balls and another six racquets between the two of them but whenever they get another, they are still happy beyond belief.  For ideas for the sporty kids, check this post on where to buy sports equipment in KL.

10.  All things Pokemon

Christmas is the one time in the year the kids get what they really want, not what I sometimes convince them to get. And this year, unless you have been living in a cave, has been about Pokemon. Last year it was Star Wars (including light sabers) and before that I remember Ninja Turtles (sigh!). Lazada has a whole selection of ideas for Pokemon fans.

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